Our Washers and Dryers

  • Number of Washers  17
  •  Number of Dryers   19
  • Largest Washer Size  62 lb.  Six loads
  • Largest Dryer Size 30 lb.  Three loads

9 Double load washers

2 Triple load washers

5 Quadruple load washers

1 62. lb washer

There is one triple load washer and one quadruple load washer exclusively for greasy, oily and heavily soiled clothes and for animal blankets.

Wash/Dry/Fold Service $1.10 per pound.            $12.50 minimum

$1.35 per pound for oilfield or heavily soiled clothes.                                   ]

King Comforter         $25                Queen/Full Comforter     $20

Twin Comforter        $15                 Pillows                                $5/$10

Down Comforters     $30               Sleeping bags     $20

We do not accept credit cards.  Cash only or check with ID.

Air-Conditioned Big-Load Washers
Free Wi-Fi Knowledgeable Attendants
Snacks & Soda Bright, Comfortable & Clean
Large, Well-Lit Parking Semi Truck and Camper Parking
Childrens Play Area  46 inch Flat Screen TV
 Arcade game – 60 games